Eater of Words, Episode 4: Arthur Slade

I initially planned to release this episode around Christmas, but then Christmas happened and apparently right after that is New Year’s and things got hectic. So my apologies for the delay, especially to Art.

But here it is, finally: my conversation with Art about his Amber Fang series, Kurt Kirchmeier’s The Absence of Sparrows, Stephen King, tricky book titles, and how he walked from New York to Australia. Hope you enjoy!

Eater of Words podcast: Episode 3- Jeanette Lynes

Well, here we are again. Just when you think this place is dead, I bring it back to life – with another episode of the Eater of Words! This time my guest is Jeanette Lynes, who for some unknown reason brought me into the MFA in Writing program at the University of Saskatchewan. This time the roles are reversed though – I ask the questions and she provides the answers. Hope you enjoy.

Eater of Words Podcast: Episode 2 – Katherine Lawrence

Well, it’s been awhile. Turns out working full-time (and sometimes editing part-time) takes up a lot of your day, and once you get home, you have to do all this household stuff! I haven’t done any writing of note either! But I am starting to feel it again. That’s the upside of living in a city where you don’t know anybody and don’t have a social life: you can work a lot. So that’s what I intend to do.

Yet, as Bart Simpson used to say (and I think I mentioned this before): I can’t promise you I’ll do it. But I can promise you that I’ll try.

With that being said, here is the second episode of this thing that I’m doing where I talk to people and don’t get paid (see, this is how I distinguish this from work). Hope you enjoy!

Eater of Words, episode 2: Katherine Lawrence

Eater of Words Podcast: Episode 1 – Dave Carpenter

I’m back, baaaaay-baaaaaay!

Phew. The last two months have been hectic and exhausting and all around madness. I moved across the country, started a new job, furnished my new apartment, got entangled in the nightmare of non-Saskatchewan Canadian bureaucracy (still ongoing), went to Germany, had a cousin stay with me for a week right after I came back from Germany, and have overall been extremely busy.

But now, I’m back. And what better way to pick up again than with the inaugural episode of my podcast? The audio is still a bit low in some parts, but I’m learning.

Without any further ado – here’s the audio. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Eater of Words, Episode 1: Dave Carpenter