SiNoWriMo, Week 1: A Slow Start

Words are hard. Especially when they are supposed to form coherent sentences that merge into a coherent paragraph which, hopefully, blooms into a coherent text. Even worse: the longer you haven’t written on a consistent basis, the harder it becomes. It’s like working out: do it once and you’ll feel fine. It feels like you can go on forever. The second time it’s a little harder. Muscles start aching. The third time around, you start to question why you’re doing this at all. This is the point where many tap out and quit. But you’ve got to persevere.

My first week of SiNoWriMo has been like this. I’m at 6,263 words – not nearly where I should be but I’m still kind of proud of it. And it’s getting easier every day,although there are slower days when even the simplest sentence is hard work. But I keep on fighting through the pain.

On the upside, Christmas time is around the corner and I should be able to catch up. Why? Let’s be honest: there’s no sense in applying for jobs during Christmas week. Nobody will look at those applications. People are home spending time with their families and stuffing their faces with inordinate amounts of food…not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m just pointing it out. Anyway, my point is that I will gain a week of focussing entirely on this new project and I should be able to make a good final sprint.

There’s other things I could talk about right now, but I’ll save those for next year. And I don’t want to waste too much time. I need to go back to writing.  Hope you all have a wonderful week.

PS: Yes, I know this was two days later than announced. You know what though: that’s okay. Sometimes life just works out like that. I need to stop being so hard on myself anyway. Let’s be honest: would anybody have noticed the delay? Does anybody care?

I thought so.

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