When Life Feels Like An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet (sort of)

It’s okay to admit it: we’ve all been to an all-you-can-eat buffet before. Whether it was Chinese-Thai-Vietnamese, Mongolian, sushi, pasta, burger or whatever else is out there, you’ve been to one. There’s no shame in that. Sometimes, we like to stuff our faces with food and praise the gods of affluent society for it. And you know what? That’s not just okay. That’s freaking good!

Now. I don’t know about you but my problem with AYCE buffets is that I feel the unmitigated urge to try everything. Maybe it’s my OCD, but I need to get a hearty scoop of everything in order to figure out what I like best. The problem with that is: I’m usually full after that because there’s so much variety. You might argue now that this was all well and good because I could always come back another day and only eat the stuff I liked best. Well, here’s the problem: once I come back, I have to start over again! Because, you know, things could have changed.

And this is pretty much how my life feels right now. There’s the job hunt, which is priority number one (and, with a little luck, may end tomorrow; fingers crossed!). Then there’s the volunteering as a reader for untethered magazine; the editing for antilang looming in the cold January distance as well. Then there’s the final stretch of podcast preparation which causes me headaches because I’m struggling to understand all tricks and tools of the audio software. And finally, somehow, I also try to keep writing. Which isn’t going so great at all because it’s near the bottom of the list of priorities right now, somewhere behind groceries, dieting, and the Leafs, but ahead of laundry (I did that last night) and baking a cake (long story).

My point is: there’s a lot on my plate, including a good chunk of things I don’t know or can’t foresee. But I don’t care because it feels good to have plans again. It means things are happening and I’m finally moving forward. I’m trying to do all these different things (I even have Netflix now!) and it will be tricky figuring out how much I can fit into my schedule (read: my plate), especially once my full-time job is no longer looking-for-a-full-time-job. But it’ll work out. Somehow.

I guess what I’m saying is: sometimes, we need to try everything in order to find what we like best. At least this is not a buffet. I won’t have to try everything over again and again.