Homeless, Jobless, Visaless. Still, things could be worse.

(This entry has been drafted on paper. Actual paper. With lines and shit.)20180902_135620.jpg

It’s September 1, 2018 and it’s the first day for me without a valid visa. I’ve got what’s called ‚implied status‘, meaning I’ve applied for a new visa but it hasn’t been approved yet and until it is I can’t do anything: I can’t go to school, I can’t work, nothing. Basically, I’m allowed to eat, sleep, wander around and spend money. Like a tourist. Which is basically what I do since I’m homeless, too.

Well, sort of at least. My lease expired and since it was unversity property and I’m no longer a student I had to move out. I’m staying at a motel for now until I hear about my visa which will be sent to my old address. Fun times.

So my visalessness is the reason why I’m homeless and jobless. I should be depressed (and to be fair I AM bored out of my mind) but overall, I’m more positive than I have any right to be. I mean: I’ve hit rock bottom. The only way for things to go is up (unless I get sick and/or die, but let’s stay positive, okay?)

In other news, I’ve recorded a little monologue that will never see the light of day (or rather: the airwaves) and familiarized myself with the whole audio editing technology. So I will start recording soon – well, as soon as I got a visa and the charging cable for my laptop. Which I forgot back home and which will be sent to a friend’s address since I don’t have one.

Well, I think I’ve beaten this joke to death, haven’t I? That’s got to do it for now. Let’s hope my visa goes through soon and I can be a halfway useful human again.

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